How to Borrow

Available Materials

You can borrow…

  • Books, magazines, and graphic novels
  • Audiobooks
  • Movie DVD’s
  • Library of Things: Corn Hole, Bocce, Giant Jenga, Hot Spots, Power Washer, Pickle Ball kit.
  • Kindles
  • Read-Along Kits/Children’s
  • Launchpads and Chromebooks

From your home or office you have access to our online resources including downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, streaming TV and movies, and research databases.

Don’t forget about museum passes .

Borrowers’ Responsibilities

Library materials are the property of everyone in the community.

  • Please have your library card with you when borrowing library materials.
  • The person whose name is on the card is responsible for all materials borrowed with the card.
  • Returning all materials on time and in good condition is expected, and is a courtesy to others.
  • Borrowers are responsible for paying damage charges.
  • Cardholders are responsible for giving the Library prompt notice of any change in address.
  • Please report a lost or stolen card immediately. Lost cards can be replaced
  • The library has the right to restrict user privileges of anyone who misuses library materials or violates borrowing policies.

Borrowing Details

Books and Magazines

  • Loan Period: 3 weeks
  • What is automatic renewal?
    Beginning November 2021 you will no longer have to remember to renew any books, DVDs, or
    other physical items you have borrowed from the library. If the item has no holds it is eligible to be renewed and will be automatically renewed for you three days prior to its due date.
    How do automatic renewals work?
    Three days before an item is due, the item will be automatically renewed if:
    • The item was checked out at a library participating in the automatic renewals service
    • There are no people waiting for the item
  •   Returns: May be returned in the book drop or inside the library or at a neighboring library


  • No Limit on DVDs
  • Loan Period: ONE WEEK
  • Renewals: See above on auto renewals
  • Returns may be returned in Media Drop Box outside

Audio Recordings, Children’s Kits 

  • Loan Period: 3 weeks
  • Renewals: See above on auto renewals
  • Returns: May be returned in the outside Book Drop.


  • Limit Based on Availability
  • Loan Period: 3 WEEKS
  • Renewals: See above on auto renewals
  • Return to the book drop or in person

Renewing Items

How to Renew

  • Online 
  • In person @ the library
  • By telephone @ 978-768-7410
  • email


Returning Items

  • Library materials may be returned to the library even when it is closed
  • For your convenience, the library has provided a book return box
    • One for books
    • One for audiovisual materials
  • Book Return is located under the Maple tree
  • Return of items from libraries outside the MVLC network are accepted, but will not be checked in and cleared on your account until they reach the owning library via delivery

Lost & Damaged Items

Borrowers are responsible for paying for materials lost or damaged or at the discretion of the library a replacement maybe be purchased.

Place a Hold on an Item

What is a Hold: Placing a hold will reserve items for you to pick up when they are available.

How to place a hold online:

  1. To place a hold you must have a valid library card.
  2. Log into your library account using your library card barcode number and pin(last 4 digits of phone number)
  3. Conduct a search in the Library Catalog
  4. To request that the item be saved for you (placed on hold), click on the HOLD button. The system will immediately notify you if your request was accepted – “your request for ________was successful” .You may select a pick up library or it will default to your library.
  5. The library will notify you by email, phone or SMS when a requested item is ready for pickup.
  6. Items are held for 7 business days before the hold is automatically cancelled and the item is moved to the next person or returned to the shelves.

Cancelling a Hold:   Go to your library account

Go to “Requests (Holds)”. Select the title(s) you wish to cancel by placing a check mark in the box next to it. Click on ‘Cancel Selected’ or ‘Cancel All.’

Fines & Fees

No Fines in Essex

To pay for a lost or damaged item check your account here

How to pay:

Online in your account is the only way to pay for an item. Libraries are unable to accept money


Lost Library Cards

  • First one is free, replacements available


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