Volunteering & Community Service


The Library welcomes volunteers on an as needed basis in all departments. Please come in to fill out a form.


Looking for a great way to contribute to your community, share your skills and talents, impress colleges and future employers, and/or get community service hours  for graduation?

Burnham Public Library wants to help you help us! We are looking for high school students to assist with the following.

  • Craft Preparation
  • Organizing Materials
  • Cleaning/Organizing the Library
  • Assistance with Children’s Programs
  • Writing for the Library Blog (available during certain months) TBA

Please visit the Library to pick up and fill out a Student Volunteer Form .

Shelf-Reading Practice

Mrs. Lodge's Shelver game

One area for which the Library will consistently need volunteers is shelf-reading.  Shelf reading is the art of reading the books’ spine labels on the shelf to ensure they are in the proper order and place.  If a book is even a few books away from its proper place, a patron may not be able to find it!
To prepare yourself for Shelf-Reading, please take this basic Shelver quiz.  There are two portions: Fiction and Dewey (Nonfiction).

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